Thursday, July 30, Nerd Nite Denver wraps up its Summer season by celebrating some of the best parts of being human: science, toys, and boobs.

This month, Amanda explains how your life is actually one big chemical explosion;  David talks toys; and Martha explains our relationship to mammalian fun bags — we assume that’s their scientific name.collectors_logo2

Plus! A percentage of every ticket purchase this month goes to Collectors Care, a non-profit that brings toys to children in need.

Grab your tickets ASAP!

  • When: Thursday, July 30 – doors at 6:30pm, show at 7:00pm
  • Where: The Oriental Theater
  • Tickets: $5 online, $8 at the door – 18+

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Blow Up Your Life! (Figuratively Speaking) 

by Amanda Yuill

Have you ever wondered how your life journey is like a chemical reaction? Specifically, a detonation? Amanda Yuill is here to solve the mystery at last. By comparing what we experience during our major life transitions to the chemical and physical processes that take place during explosions, we can better prepare ourselves to minimize the potential for collateral damage.

Speaker creds:  Amanda Yuill is an Australian explosives chemist turned career & lifestyle coach. She founded Light Yourself Up after realizing that working in corporate America was not her dream job. Learning that there was a scientific basis to happiness allowed her to geek out while helping people find purpose and passion in their working lives – the stuff that lights them up! Amanda serves on the board of the Colorado chapter of the International Coach Federation. Other things that light her up include playing the trombone, travelling, skiing, scuba diving and taking photos of race cars.

Toy Story: Our connection with toys and other representations of legends, learning, and history

by David Bledsoe

Worldwide toy sales top $84 billion annually, but most people don’t associate the playthings of their youth and the collectibles of their adulthood as purely consumer-driven purchases. These simple pieces of plastic and metal help us connect with meaningful stories and lessons in our life – developing our intellect and moral foundations, and providing greater life fulfillment.

Speaker creds:  David Bledsoe is the Founder and Executive Director of Collectors Care, a children’s charity providing toys year-round for sick & needy kids. As a long-time fan of comics, movies and television, David intimately understands how the imaginative stories of his youth can shape the morals and character of any child, and help them overcome some of life’s worst circumstances. Collectors Care has allowed David to combined his personal passion with his professional expertise in the nonprofit and public relations sectors. David is a certified nonprofit manager through Indiana University’s top-ranked School of Public and Environmental Affairs, with over 15 years of nonprofit management and communications experience.


by Martha Illige

“I know what’s flashing through your mind when you hear that word. Culture, nature, and nurture play roles in our beliefs about and responses to boobs. Let’s get in a Darwinian mindset and examine their function in Class Mammalia Genus Homo Species Sapiens.”

Speaker creds: Martha Illige came to Denver early in her career as a family doctor and teacher, and has not left except to travel the world. She found Nerd Nite late and loves the fun. And drinks. Intellectual curiosity is a Prime Mover so let’s celebrate it!

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