Friday, October 27, 2023

Nerd Nite Denver: Spiders, Urban Legends, and Serial Killer Love?

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HALLOWEEN! Come in costume! We will have our famous costume contest with huge prizes!

Josie Lopez

8 Legged Cats

Jumping spiders, nature’s acrobats, are pint-sized marvels known for their astonishing leaping abilities and captivating courtship dances. I will be taking the audience on a whimsical journey into the world of these eight-legged jesters, shedding light on their remarkable behaviors and quirks, and convincing you that jumping spiders are just tiny cats with extra legs.

Lauren Seegmiller

Urban Legends

Razor blades in apples, killers in backseats, the call coming from inside the house. Scary stories like this are all harmless fun, right? Not necessarily.

Jill Mellecker

A Killer Love

Why do people fall in love with serial killers? Let’s dive into the psychology behind this phenomenon and look at a hilarious – yet disturbing – case of this toxic love.

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