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Friday, June 26, Nerd Nite Denver celebrates our first birthday! We’ve put it on a Friday so you can get wastey-faced on a socially acceptable weekday. Isn’t that thoughtful?!

June’s show will take a crack at truly understanding Schrödinger, horned dinosaurs reveal their secrets, and financial concepts shed light on the economics of exercise. Plus, a special treat! Renowned nerd rock band H2Awesome will show up to ROCK. YOUR. FACE. OFF.

Grab your tickets ASAP!

    • When: Friday, June 26 – doors at 6:30pm, show at 7:00pm
    • Where: The Oriental Theater
    • Tickets: $5 online, $8 at the door – 18+

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Full Lineup: 

The Life [or not] and Times of Schrödinger’s Cat

by Andrew Novick

A little physics discussion for people wondering about Erwin Schrödinger and why he didn’t know if his cat was alive or not – or did he? We’ll also take a look at an art installation featuring Schrödinger’s feisty feline. For a creature with a questionable existence, that damn cat is everywhere!

Speaker creds: Andrew Novick, Nerd Nite alumnus, is a Denver native and a prolific provocateur of wackiness in town. Whether as a performer of music and/or PowerPoint presentations or running themed events (PeepsBQ, Andrew Novick’s X-Treme Pancake Breakfast, Japanese Medical Punk Dance Party and Surgery Dinner), he tries to keep himself (and others!) busy. He is also an electrical engineer (measuring atomic clocks!) and an avid collector. Andrew has been called the “world’s most recreational photographer” – snapping photos to fit into the countless themes of his visual vernacular. Past art shows include (but are not limited to): Candy, Cuts and Bruises (~2000) and Super-Relative (with Samuel Schimek, 2010) and his recent shows include Japan Popsplosion! (2104) and Unstill Life (2014), both of which showed digital prints on canvas of quickly curated shots of brightly-colored subjects. Andrew’s latest collection is FOOD FACE. Above all else, Andrew strives to feature things all around us that are fun and interesting and usually provoke conversation and new ideas. Oh! And he is also co-teaching a college class about FUN!

What big horns you have: A discussion of horny…er…horned dinosaurs

by Cyrus Green

Ceratopsians are a group of dinosaurs defined by their large cranial horns and decorated frills. Most people know of triceratops (some of us even have one as a tattoo!), but there are so many more! To date there are over 25 species of ceratopsians. Though these magnificent animals lived for only 20 million years (a short time geologically), and lived in a very small area (known only from North America), they were able to diversify extensively. We will discuss the many different species, how they are related, what we know about them, and the many questions still surrounding their evolution, biology and ecology. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs?!

Speaker creds: Cyrus Green was an English major in a former life until a class on dinosaurs his senior year of undergrad changed everything. After graduation he went right back to school and received his second Bachelors in Earth Science. He has been volunteering with the Denver Museum of Nature & Science since 2006 and has logged countless hours in the field and lab working with dinosaurs. He has also worked with the State of Colorado and the National Park Service preparing paleontological surveys. In August he will begin a new adventure as a graduate student at Ft. Hays University in Kansas.

Running the numbers: The economics of exercise

by Aaron Roppolo

With the plethora of fitness books, blogs, and podcasts available today, one would assume that attaining your fitness goals is a highly complicated endeavor. Nonsense. By utilizing simple personal finance concepts – credit cards, reward points, piggy banks – this presentation will lead the audience through thought exercises aimed at making complicated exercise science concepts (eg: oxygen debt, neuromuscular adaptations, periodization) easily relatable.

Speaker creds: Aaron is passionate about progress – personal, professional, physical – but above all societal. He feels that being healthy is a revolutionary act that, beyond expanding enjoyment of your life, has economic and environmental impacts.

He earned a master’s degree in Exercise Science from UCF, but for him fitness is a passion not a way of life. He is also engaged in investing, craft cocktails, emerging and disruptive technologies, local food, and science fiction literature. Aaron is currently working on in a social entrepreneurship project – keep an eye out for a movement aimed at raising awareness of and conversation around sexual violence.

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