This month we learn about the weird history of teeth, the science of joke telling, the challenges of urban chicken farming, and how YOU would do on the Nerd Nite stage! That’s right, in addition to two expert presentations, a lucky audience member will have the chance to deliver a short presentation using humor, gumption, and surprise power point slides!

  • When: Thursday, March 26 – doors at 6:30pm, show at 7:00pm
  • Where: The Oriental Theater
  • Tickets: $5 online, $8 at the door – 18+



The Science of Joke Telling

by Brent Gill

How much planning goes in to a comic’s set? Through a series of jokes, Brent walks us through the science behind telling jokes. Yes! There is a science!

Speaker creds: Brent Gill knew he would be a performer the first time he felt the heat of a roomful of eyes on his bare genitalia onstage. (It’s a long story and a sealed court document). While merely a teenager, Brent was a steel worker by day and exotic dancer by night. His goal: Immortality. However, a lingering knee injury suffered during a particularly erotic shimmy to Ginuwine’s “Pony,” as well as an expanding waistline made it clear that Brent Gill’s dancing days neared an end. Initially his attempts at nude, comedic, interpretive dance failed, but he quickly found confidence behind the mic as a more traditional standup comedian. Though slightly less erotic than his previous endeavors, Brent’s onstage charisma and energy will leave audiences aroused and entranced. “Brent is a MUST SEE live act” says Urban Life magazine and the Boulder Weekly describes him as “the love child of Chris Farley and Winnie the Pooh.” He is a house comic at the Comedy Works and was a featured performer at the High Plains Comedy Festival, Laughing Devil Festival, Def Comedy Jam and Comcast. Find Brent at

Why Your PCP Should Have a DMD

by Alexandra Basset

Perfect teeth have been a sign of wealth and poverty and a cherished aspect of attractiveness for thousands of years. However, few understand oral health disease and its effects, quickly regarding the dental visit as a chore instead of an educational adventure! There is an inherent mystery behind that strange orifice of your mouth, a expressive vessel – literally and figuratively – of your eating habits, stress level, genetic origins, and even your identity itself. Alexandra Bassett, DMD will discuss several common dental questions – ones, judging by the fact that she gets them at almost every cocktail party, you are all dying to know.

Speaker creds: Dr. Alexandra Bassett is a newly relocated dentist in the Denver area and a graduate of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston. While in dental school, Dr. Bassett spent much of her time developing stronger community service initiatives in her school’s curriculum. She is a member of the American Dental Association, Colorado Dental Association, Metro Denver Dental Society, and the Colorado Prosthodontics Society. When she is not working as a professional smile enhancement and retention specialist, she is hitting the slopes, bagging peaks, sending routes, and trying to make people smile via less stressful methods, such as jokes.

Chicken Keeping for City Slickers

by Leah Charney
Chicken keeping: is it a passing fad or lasting lifestyle? Leah Charney, fake urban farmer, discusses the good, the bad, and the ugly of keeping chickens in the Mile High City. Can chicken poop change your life? Should my chickens wear saddles?

Speaker creds: Leah Charney is a food writer, story teller, chicken wrangler, and all around entertainer. For recipes, musings, and chicken videos, check out Leah’s blog Bacon and Other Bad Habits or follow her on Twitter at @TheLeahKitten.

Improvised Genius

by YOU!

Think you have what it takes to be a Nerd Nite speaker but just don’t know what to talk about? Well then we’ll make a presentation for you! Come test your nerd merits and give a totally improvised 5-minute presentation. We’ll bring the powerpoint, you bring the brain.



Cellular Automata: All the World’s a Grid

by Brian Hanson

“What if I told you that simple, repetitive, mindless graph-paper doodles can change the way you see the world? If you were my wife you’d say ‘put down the graph-paper and take out the trash.’ Bear with me, though! Cellular Automata are the simplest of computational programs: take a grid, use a fixed rule to color each box black or white, then rinse and repeat ad nauseam. Sounds simple, right? Not always… Using this seemingly simple system, I will reveal surprising insights into the mysteries of physics, biology, society, philosophy, and the very nature of our universe.”

Speaker creds: Brian Hanson is a resident physician at Rose Family Medicine. His qualifications include college multivariable calculus & computer science courses (within the past 12 years!), frequent conversations **with** intelligent siblings, an innate curiosity for the underlying patterns of nature, and his quest for the meaning of life.

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