Do you want to nerd with us but aren’t quite ready to present? Volunteer your nerdy services or donate wares!

We need nerds like you to keep this show on the road, so if your skillzzz or goods are listed below, shoot an email over to and we’ll put you to work!

We’ll show our gratitude in the form of Nerd Nite tickets, drinks, and the public singing of your praises. Isn’t all that more valuable than money anyway? (Answer: No. It is not. But we work with what we have.)


  • Graphic Design — Sure, we have Photoshop, but you’re probably better at it than we are and we’re always in need of catchy imagery.
  • Videography — We have the soundboard, you have the camera and the eye!
  • Hands-on Help — As Nerd Nite grows, so do our opportunities for hands-on volunteers! Everything from managing a table at an event to taking tickets at the door. We need you!
  • Screen Printing — What won’t you do for a t-shirt or a tote bag? We’d love to give away Nerd Nite Denver swag…and we need you to print it.
  • Networking — This may seem intangible to you, but it will mean the world to us. We have our nerdy networks, but we want yours! Know someone who should present? Maybe a company that’s looking to sponsor an event *just like this*? Make that connection and get free stuff!

Your skill not listed but you’re pretty sure we need you? Shoot us a note anyway!